Tirezilla’s My Name and My Claim to Fame!

By Maureen Condon


Do you want to tangle with this road beast? No road rage allowed here! Just back away with a smile!

Tirezilla is its name, and it’s a piece of work – art work, that is. Tirezilla was created by an art class at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, and has since that time captured the hearts of art car lovers near and far.

Tirezilla was naturally a big hit in its own home town of Lawrence, Kansas, where it made the scene in the Art Tougeau (rhymes with Van Gaugh and sounds like “To-go”) Art Car Parade held annually there. And, Tirezilla was the People’s Choice Winner at the 2008 Omaha, Nebraska Art Car Show.

Tirezilla is decorated with a whole junkyard full of tire scraps. Looking for all the world like a monster of a car, it’s got the bite, the spikes and the pointy tail of a creature from some dark lagoon.

This baby sure looks like it could eat any contender, and is a sure winner at bumper cars!

Don’t tailgate this baby!

If you like what you see, then by all means go to Art Tougeau or an Art Car Show near you and gawk to your heart’s content.

Art Tougeau was founded in 1997 in Lawrence, Kansas, by Charles & Carol Jones, and more activities are added to the annual event each year. Says Charles Jones, “Our goal is to create an all-inclusive event that is symbolic of humanity’s need for self-expression in the medium of all things wheeled.”

For more information and photos, visit:



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