Wayne’s World Movie Icon – “The Spindle” – is Now Just a Memory

By Maureen Condon

“The Spindle”

If you recall the wacky “Wayne’s World” movie from 1992, you’ll likely remember “The Spindle” – cars on a skewer.

The Spindle was created and installed in 1989 by Dustin Shuler at Cermak Plaza, in Berwin, IL. This work of art was commissioned by the Cermak Plaza shopping center owner, David Bermant, who donated his BMW to be placed second from the top of the sculpture.

When it was demolished, after much local protest, it was placed on E-Bay, with a minimum $50,000 bid. But nobody wanted it. I can’t understand why. I like it! It’s eye-catching.

The 1967 Volkswagen Beetle at the top and the 1976 BMW immediately below it were saved. Sadly, the other cars and the spindle itself were put in a dumpster.

I guess some art just isn’t meant to be immortal. Darn!

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