2013 Shockley Honda Logo Contest

shockley honda logo

Shockley Honda wants a fresh new look and we need your input!  Are you a Graphic Designer or would you like to be? Consider entering our 2013 Shockley Honda Logo Contest for a chance to win $1,725.00 worth of maintenance for your vehicle.

To enter the contest, create a logo and post it on the Shockley Honda Facebook page www.facebook.com/ShockleyFans. Contest ends at midnight on February 27, 2013. Finalist will be posted on facebook.com March 1st. Then it is up to you to get your friends to “Like” our page and vote for your design. Winner will be announced on March 15th.

Contest Rules:
1. Only two colors
2. Honda CANNOT be capitalized in the logo

Honda image3. The Honda emblem CANNOT be used in the logo

Honda image2

The winner will receive a Shockley Honda Advantage Plus Package VALUED at $1,725.00. This package includes three years of service for your vehicle. And you do not have to own a Honda. We service all makes and models!

The Shockley Honda Advantage Plus package includes:
Oil changes for – 3 years
Tire rotations for – 3 years
Key Fob Replacement – 1 Key
Windshield Repair
Towing(20 miles from the dealership)
Trade- in Bonus $500
Exterior Detail
And Rewards Points for Each Dollar Spent at Shockley Honda!

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