Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you tired of purchasing the same ol’ stocking stuffers and gifts for your loved ones during the Holidays? You know, the items that no one wants as a gift, but you know as well as they do that these are the gifts they need. I get it, sometimes new socks, pajamas and perfumes are only purchased once a year, which means you’re sort of obligated to give these boring gifts that you have given over and over again. The problem is your recipients know exactly what they are going to receive in that pretty green and red box that is so carefully wrapped and placed under the tree. Well, this year I have some items that are still necessities (and some that are not), but all of these items will definitely be surprises under the tree. I bet you never thought a car dealership would have creative ideas that your loved ones will LOVE for the Holidays. Well other than the obvious… a NEW car. But I am not necessarily talking about a new car…UNLESS that is in your budget for a Christmas gift.  If it is we can certainly help you with that too.


Let’s start with our Service Department. We have several Detail Packages ranging from $16.95 for a wash, vacuum and windows clean to a full detail “The Works” for $129. Come on, we all know that a clean car is a great gift. We also service all makes and models so you can purchase services for non -Honda owners as well. Our extended Service hours until 9 pm are convenient for those who commute or cannot make it in until after work. We have a shuttle service which runs from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm available for that impatient family member (like me) who does not want to wait while their vehicle is being worked on. The best part about these service gifts is that you can purchase a gift certificate that  can be personalize for a specific service, or you can give a set amount and let your loved ones choose what they would like to spend it on. We have pink wiper blades that fit most makes and models and the proceeds help fight breast cancer; tires with special pricing and coupons that reduce costs and to ensure their safe on the road; we can even put together a bucket of car cleaning supplies for those who keep a clean vehicle and like to do it themselves.  For the Honda Lover in your life, we have lots of gifts with the Honda logo, shirts, key chains, hats, Teddy bears and much more


Now, this is where we start talking stocking stuffers and unique gifts that are not your normal socks and pajamas. We have Christmas ornaments, lotions, soap and lip balm from local Frederick Venders such as Cedar Ridge Soaps and The Bee Folks. Another popular item during the holidays are scented Linganore Candles. We even have stocking stuffers for children and your most beloved four legged family member. The retro toys from the Dancing Bear such as Jacob’s Ladder and Classic Jacks are a blast from the past for most of us, but new and exciting items for those who did not grow up in the 80’s or before. The Grooming Room off I-40 provides us with doggie shampoo, brushes, toys and sweaters for your pets. Any sports fans in your family? We have shirts, bumper stickers and the Ultimate Power Decal. Now this is great item… it is placed on the inside of your car window, lights up automatically at night while driving and then shuts off two minutes after you park. Now if that is not enough, come on in for Mr. Slambeaux’s BBQ Sauce, we are the only ones in Frederick who carry this hot commodity besides Mr. Slambeaux himself. We carry both original and hot sauces as well as, mixed nuts that are Dee-licious.


Now that you are tempted to check out at least one of the gifts I have mentioned. Come on over to Shockley Honda to shop, or if you can’t make a decision purchase a gift certificate that can be used in our service department or in our Boutique.


Lastly, and yes drum roll please…this one could win you “the best gift ever award”… our very own Shockley Advantage Plus package. Now, this is a rewards program, so the more you spend the more you earn. But it is much more than that, it is valued at $1,520 of service for over 3 years and we cover all, but $495. The $495 covers oil changes, tire rotations, key fob replacement, windshield coverage, towing, a full detail and a $500 trade in bonus (so you are helping purchase that new car after all). For more details on this package come in and speak with a Sales Rep, a Service Advisor, or Click here.

Happy Holidays! Come to Shockley Honda to purchase your gifts. Oh one more tip, we also sell Holiday gift cards and gift bags. I know what you are thinking now, “Why shop anywhere else”…Especially because at Shockley there is PLENTY of parking and you hardly ever have to stand in line! Your Welcome : )

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Heroes among us – Shockley Honda!

Jerry Wright served in the United States Military from 1999 – 2004. He started his basic training in Great Lakes, Illinois, and was then stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2000, Jerry was on the USS Cole when it was bombed in Aden, Yemen.

 “It was a horrific incident, but it did get the Nation’s attention,” said Jerry. “I lost friends, which was devastating, but we eventually got the ship back to state side.”

Once the bomb hit the crew members were given three orders. First, was to help the wounded and deceased off the ship. Second, was to contain flooding and then to make sure the ship was structurally sound and moveable, and third was to make sure the weapons were safe guarded. Once the orders were fulfilled they waited for a ship called the Blue Marlin to arrive and take them home. That day forty-three were injured and seventeen were deceased.

Jerry was then awarded for “Serving Well” and sent to study photography at Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland. Once he completed his schooling he officially became a United States Navy Photographer. He was then stationed at Fleet Imaging Command Pacific in Lemoore Naval Air Base, California and specialized in aerial photography. He also handled surveillance where he viewed and processed imagery for counter intelligence.

In 2002, Jerry photographed a plane going down and made another move for the Navy to North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado Island in San Diego, California. He spent two years there working with different departments and photographing activities in other commands. He even photographed President Bush on an aircraft carrier during his time there.

“I have had the privilege to meet two United States Presidents in my life time,” exclaimed Jerry. “I shook President Bush, Jr. and President Clinton’s Hands and was also in the room with President Obama.”

“I also did a tour in Afghanistan for nine months,” said Jerry. “It was an honor to serve with both the men and women, but it has also been tough because I have lost good friends in combat.”

When asked about his service Jerry said, “Veteran’s Day is about the job that we have done to defend our nation; and to protect and serve the citizens of this great nation, as well as uphold the constitution of the United States of America.”

After serving our country, Jerry received his degree at in criminal justice while working at the University of California. He then moved back to Maryland to be near family and worked for Rosenthal Acura before joining the Shockley Honda Team. He and his wife Brenda have two children Andres, three years old and Sebastian, who is one. He likes to work out in his spare-time and spend quality time with his family.


Veteran’s day will be observed this Monday. This is a time where we honor our U.S. military veterans, and thank them for protecting our country and allowing us the freedoms that we have in the United States of America. During this time, we would like to recognize one of our own, Shockley Honda’s Sales Representative, Bill Collings. He served our country in the Army for four years from 1967-1971. Bill enlisted in 1967 and attended basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

“This is where I posted record in the low crawl,” said Bill jokingly. “Really this is true.”  

After basic training, Bill was stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington where he attended Advance – Infantry training, and then went on to Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia. After his time at Fort Benning, he attended three weeks at jungle school in Panama.  Bill then went to fight for our country in the Vietnam War as a platoon leader for the 82nd air born infantry. In Vietnam, Bill was honored with the Bronze Star for Valor and a Purple Star. A year later, he went back to Fort Benning, as an instructor and then in 1971, two weeks after his son was born, he finished his time in the Army with the rank of Captain.  

“I am very proud to have served my country,” Bill stated. “After the Army, I went back to school and got my degree at UMass, and moved to Maryland as the branch manager of a bank and coached a bunch of kid’s sports.”

After two years of convincing, one of the fathers from the little league team got Bill into the car business. He started off at Kline Ford and has been selling cars for 30 years. In Bill’s spare time he likes to play golf and also pitches and coaches on the All Saints Episcopal Church softball team. His son, who works for, just got married and Bill recently attended his wedding in Chicago, IL. The thing that Bill enjoys most is eating crabs and drinking beer. How is that for a true Marylander!

Bill, we at Shockley Honda would like to honor you this Veteran’s Day.  Thank you Bill and thank you to all of the veterans who have served for our country!


Honorable Mention

Marty Harlow – Service Manager -Shockley Honda – 27 Years of Service

Al Shockley – Owner – Shockley Honda – Marine Corps 1953-1956

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Shockley Honda’s Unveiling of the ALL NEW 2013 Accord

The 9th Generation Honda Accord has created a buzz at Shockley Honda as we anticipate its arrival on September 17th. Managers and Sales Reps will be attending a training camp at the dealership upon its arrival to learn about the new features of the vehicle. But mostly employees are excited to see the visual aspect that Honda has kept under lock and key, not only from the general public, but from the dealerships as well. The totally new redesigned interior and exterior changes have been viewed by a few media sources, but it has not been available to the dealers quite yet. The concept photos, which you will find online, have leaked the change in the headlights and the overall exterior is noticeably shortened, but we know about as much as you do about the visual aspects of this new vehicle.

 As for the features, the Honda Accord is introducing us to HondaLink which includes a cloud-based system that connects you to Bluetooth® Streaming Audio, Pandora® internet radio, SMS text message function and all your favorite digital music content without hassling with your mobile phone. HondaLink™ featuring Aha™ compatibility gives you access to personalized restaurant searches, Facebook audio feeds, audiobooks and more via the audio system interface and voice recognition. HondaLink makes the 2013 Accord more interactive and allows you to connect with your friends and family in a safe and effective way while driving down the road.  

 In honor of the 2013 Honda Accord’s Arrival at Shockley Honda we are holding a celebration and would like for you to join us. On Wednesday, September 19th,  Dutch’s Daughter is catering hor d’ oeuvres and drinks, The Shades will be playing live music and Shockley Honda will be unveiling The ALL NEW totally redesigned 2013 Honda Accord.

Frederick Community, Customers and Friends:

The Shockley Honda Family cordially invites you to celebrate the regional

unveiling of the totally redesigned 2013 Honda Accord with all new features.

Wednesday, September 19, 2013 – 4:00-8:00 pm

Drinks and hors d’oeuvres by Dutch’s Daughter

Live music by The Shades

Prizes and demonstrations of features of the

All NEW 2013 Accord

Please RSVP by September 15 to:

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Concours d’LeMons 2012: Worst of Show By James Tate of MSN Autos

In 2008, a bizarre gathering called the Concours d’LeMons was added to the schedule of events during the cultured  Monterey Motor Week and gained instant cult status. Held in a public park in downtown Seaside, Calif., the Concours d’LeMons celebrates the oddballs, the mundane and the truly awful of the automotive world. Its aim is to have some fun amid the seriousness of The Quail, the Concours d’ Elegance and other Pebble Beach activities, as well as to prove that gearhead love isn’t limited to those with rarified bank accounts.

Porsche 912

The Porsche 912 is not the beloved icon that the 911 is, but it has a die-hard fan base just the same. This particular 912 doesn’t look all that bad, right? At first glance, all it seems to need is a little TLC. Well, not so fast. It recently had an engine fire, the floorboards are rusted through, the front bumper is held together with a combination of masking tape and bungee cords, and the seats are all torn up. Frankly, you’ll want to get a tetanus shot before getting close to this LeMon.

“Killer Bees” MGB

We’ve all seen our share of beat-up and rusted MGBs, but this one is something special. From the one-of-a-kind roll cage to every last dent, rust line and scratch, to the racing numbers and sponsor decals, this MGB wears its heart and just about everything else on its sleeve. It’s been flipped end over end and yet still refuses to die.

1927 Ford Model T GT

What? Yes, that is indeed a ’27 Ford Model T GT. Its owner bought the body for the tidy sum of $50 and put it together himself. While not anywhere near pristine condition, this machine is still pretty cool to look at and is probably a blast to drive.

Tribute to Alan Kulwicki

In true LeMons fashion, this is a tribute car to a NASCAR driver who marched to the beat of his own drum. It is a somewhat respectable version of the original Hooters-sponsored Ford Taurus driven by unlikely Winston Cup champion and team owner Alan Kulwicki. However, also in true LeMons fashion, the vehicle is crafted out of a Ford Tempo rather than the original Taurus. It walks the fine line between reverent and ridiculous.

1974 Ford Pinto

This Pinto has made the trip to the Concours d’LeMons before. With bright orange paint and a “KABOOM” license plate, it has in fact become famous — or infamous, depending on how you choose to look at it. Please, if you happen across this Pinto on the road, you really don’t want to get too close trying to read the license plate.

Karmann Ghia

Woe is this Karmann Ghia. Or is it? Sure, the bodywork has seen better days. However, the vehicle is so run-down that it looks like a deliberately trendy rat rod. Of course, it’s not. That would disqualify it from LeMons competition.

Reliant Robin

We probably don’t need to tell you that these 3-wheeled wonders are most famous for flipping over and over. Just look at the design: It’s simply not safe. But this one is a star, having just appeared in a recent commercial for the Dodge Dart in which, you guessed it, the Robin flipped over and over. The commercial’s producers put a roll cage in for the stunt, but it has since been removed, which is why metal shavings are covering the floorboards.

Mazda GLC

Even automakers themselves are starting to take the Concours d’LeMons seriously. Mazda North America brought its very own GLC up the coast to attend the event. OK, we don’t know if you could say Mazda proper was to thank for the GLC’s attendance. Blame the company’s LeMons-addicted Dave Coleman for this thing.

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Best Quality Cars, 2012 By Clifford Atiyeh of MSN Autos


New cars continue to become more reliable and better built, according to the latest Initial Quality Study by J.D. Power and Associates. The annual survey, which ranks automakers by the number of defects and design-related problems that owners see in the first 90 days of ownership, showed an industry average of 102 problems per 100 vehicles, a 5 percent improvement over 2011. But while 26 of the 34 brands included in the survey rated higher this year, J.D. Power says that audio and infotainment systems caused more frustration, with 45 percent more reported problems than in 2006. Here, we feature the highest-ranked vehicle in each model segment.

Top Subcompact Car: Toyota Yaris

The Yaris, with its old 4-speed automatic transmission and plebian interior, isn’t a stellar compact car compared with its more sophisticated competition. The redesigned, edgier 2012 model carries over much of the same equipment. But befitting a typical Toyota, the Yaris is cheap to maintain and simple to operate in either hatchback or sedan form. Toyota, at 88 problems per 100 vehicles, clearly has something right on its hands. Runners-up: Honda Fit, Mazda2

Top Compact Car: Toyota Corolla

Is it any wonder the world’s best-selling car winds up here? The Corolla name is nearly as old as Mustang, and when it comes to no-frills, dead-reliable transport, nothing is more renowned. Like the Yaris, the current Corolla is outclassed by its many rivals in technology, design and performance. That doesn’t seem to matter. Runners-up: Toyota Prius, Honda Civic

Top Compact Sporty Car: Mazda MX-5 Miata

When it was introduced 23 years ago, the Miata was meant to re-create the spirit of those iconic British roadsters — the lightweight and zippy MGs, Austin Healeys and Triumphs. What it left out were the atrocious electrical failures and other mechanical problems that plagued those old roadsters. A true enthusiast’s car, the Miata sets the standard for affordable sports cars that can go the long mile. Runners-up: Volkswagen Eos, Scion tC

Top Compact Premium Sporty Car: Volvo C70

Refreshed for 2011, the Volvo C70 is an attractive alternative to the usual crop of $40,000 German convertibles. The folding hardtop, floating center control stack and understated interior blend well with the car’s turbocharged engines. But don’t get confused; the C70 is a cruiser, not a corner-dicing sports car. Safety, of course, is paramount; the C70 was the world’s first convertible with head curtain airbags. Runner-up: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe/Cabriolet

Top Entry Premium Car: Lexus ES

Lexus once again leads the J.D. Power list as the most reliable automaker, with an average of 73 problems per 100 vehicles. The ES 350 is all new for 2013, with a more aggressive front end and sculpted interior, plus a hybrid trim. In any model year, the ES is smooth, steers with a finger and offers a lot of luxury for the money. Runners-up: Acura TL, Lincoln MKZ

Top Midsize Premium Car: Infiniti M

The M, redesigned for 2011, has some of the most dramatic, flashy styling in its segment, especially with the sport model’s 20-inch wheels and sparkled wood trim. Its adaptive cruise control can start and stop the vehicle in rush-hour traffic without fault. There’s also a hybrid and available all-wheel drive. Keep in mind it’s not cheap or good on gas. Runners-up: Lincoln MKS, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan/Wagon

Top Midsize Sporty Car: Ford Mustang

A perennial favorite, the Mustang continues its formula of big-engine, rear-wheel-drive fun for little money. Newer models have higher-quality interiors and more fuel-efficient V6 engines that make as much power as the old V8s. Whether coupe or convertible, GT or the 200-mph Shelby GT500, the Mustang is as much a generational symbol of American progress as it is a serious sports car. Runner-up: Dodge Challenger

Top Large Premium Car: Lexus LS

Like the Miata, the Lexus LS changed the preconceptions of its market segment when it was introduced in 1989. While the latest LS looks somewhat dated, it’s still a solid tank of a car that glides like it’s riding on glass, much like the Mercedes S-Class (which the LS now almost matches in price). The hybrid 600hL doesn’t save fuel, but boy, the sound system is incredible. Not much breaks on this big car, either. Runners-up: Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Panamera

Top Midsize Car: Chevrolet Malibu

Chevy’s 2008 redesign turned the Malibu from humdrum into something worth humming about. The fuel economy, styling and overall comfort were right up there with it Japanese peers, and while it’s taken some time to catch on, the people have spoken. For 2013, the Malibu adds an electric motor to the base 4-cylinder engine to save fuel and emissions, and promises more connectivity. Runners-up: Ford Fusion and Honda Accord (tie)

Top Large Car: Ford Taurus

Now being offered as a police car, the Taurus is everything the Crown Victoria wasn’t: fresh, refined and available with fuel-efficient turbocharged engines and all-wheel drive. The Taurus is a slick-looking car and it’s well-built, as it’s based on the Volvo S80 chassis. The small windows make visibility more difficult than in other large cars, however. The complicated MyFord Touch infotainment system was redesigned after poor J.D. Power ratings last year and works just fine. Runners-up: Toyota Avalon, Chrysler 300

Top Premium Sport Car: Porsche 911

Somehow, Porsche ends up having fewer problems than Honda or Mercedes (we’ll chalk it up to lower production volume and fewer miles traveled). Whatever the reason, the 911 is a fantastic way to spend upwards of $80,000. It’s practical, conservative-looking, yet altogether badass when the time comes to push it on a favorite back road. Among sports cars, the 911 is an indisputable legend that’s been going strong for five decades. Runner-up: BMW 6-Series

Top Compact Crossover/SUV: Honda CR-V

In 1997, the CR-V was one of the few compact crossovers, and Honda got it right from the start. With its slim proportions, all-wheel drive and generous cargo room, the CR-V is about as utilitarian as anyone really needs. The 4-cylinder engines are snappy and good on fuel, and while the interiors need some improvement and the doors feel flimsy, there’s a lot of well-engineered car here. Runners-up: Toyota RAV4, Toyota FJ Cruiser

Top Compact MPV: Kia Soul

While hip-hop hamsters drive it on TV, in real life the Kia Soul is driven by all sorts of people, much like how Scion has attracted buyers beyond its original “youth” demographic. The boxy Soul, with its pulsing speaker lights and oddball cloth textures, is fun to drive and invites stares. Generous cargo space, simple controls and Kia’s impressive powertrain warranty seal the deal. Runner-up: Toyota Prius V

Top Entry Premium Crossover/SUV: Infiniti EX

The EX crossover is essentially a G sedan with more headroom and a hatch. Therefore, it nearly matches the G’s aggressive attitude, with crisp handling and powerful acceleration that’s livelier than an Audi Q5. The interior is feeling a little old next to Infiniti’s other models, and the ride can be rough at times. But it’s nice to have a crossover exhibiting some old-fashioned soul. Runners-up: Acura RDX, Mercedes-Benz GLK

Top Midsize Crossover/SUV: Buick Enclave

Among three-row SUVs, this Buick outsells them all. It’s a stylish, ultraquiet family hauler with all the trimmings — and unlike previous Buick SUVs, it’s not a carbon copy of a cheaper Chevrolet. For 2013, the Enclave gets a mild refresh with more soft-touch interior materials and other moderate improvements. If you can stand minivans, you won’t do much better for the price than this Buick. Runners-up: Honda Crosstour; Honda Pilot, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Murano, Toyota Highlander

Top Large Crossover/SUV: Ford Expedition

This is a weird choice, considering that the Expedition has been long forgotten in the Ford lineup in favor of smaller, more fuel-efficient SUVs. For its sheer towing capacity, living-room size and brute strength, it’s hard to argue with an Expedition or its luxury cousin, the Lincoln Navigator. We’d like to think that better, more modern V8-powered 3-row SUVs are available. Runners-up: GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Tahoe

Top Midsize Premium Crossover/SUV: Lexus RX

Lexus pretty much invented the luxury crossover segment with the first RX 15 years ago. It had a level of quality and style that other automakers couldn’t match for many years. Today, it’s still one of the best. The RX’s ride is quiet and smooth, and the interior is posh. The mouse controller on the infotainment system is almost impossible to use, though. Runners-up: Infiniti FX, Cadillac SRX

Top Large Premium Crossover/SUV: Cadillac Escalade

This old-school Cadillac is huge and dripping with chrome all the way down to its 22-inch rims. It’s not even as nice as it could be inside for its $80,000 price tag. But high-tech features such as magnetic suspension give this rig outstanding poise for its supersize weight. Choosing an Escalade means you have little concern for gas prices or getting your car stolen, which insurance companies agree is likely to happen. Runners-up: Infiniti QX56, Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Top Large Pickup: GMC Sierra 1500

Tough construction, good reliability and above-average resale value make full-size General Motors pickups easy choices. Plus, they come in many configurations and styles to fit any budget and occupation. Denali models are especially well-trimmed and chromed without being gaudy. Plus, a natural-gas option is now available for those who have access to the cheap fuel. Runners-up: Chevrolet Silverado HD; Chevrolet Avalanche and Nissan Titan (tie)

Top Midsize Pickup: Nissan Frontier

American manufacturers aren’t paying much attention to smaller pickups anymore, so it goes without saying that Nissan has a good — if extremely basic — truck for this segment. The Frontier is short on refinement, but it offers a spacious bed and enough torque for most jobs. It’s a prime example that keeping things simple can pay off in the long run. Runner-up: Honda Ridgeline

Top Minivan: Nissan Quest

If you can live with its funky, upright design, you’ll find the Nissan Quest perfectly capable for minivan duty. Folding seats, an under-floor cargo bin, available DVD entertainment systems, power doors, a dual glass moon-roof — it’s all here. That Nissan has beaten its more popular van rivals from Honda and Toyota is impressive, although we’re still partial to the Odyssey. Runners-up: Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna

This content was written by Clifford Atiyeh of MSN Autos

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Honda’s Customer Retention Second to Hyundai

The 2012 Customer Retention Study was released earlier this week and placed Honda just 4% behind Hyundai for second place in customer retention.

There are many reasons why people decide to change the type of car they drive – it’s old, more space is needed, or they just want an upgrade. Unfortunately, when people change the type of car they drive – many times they will also change brands. 33% of people who switched vehicle brands during their last vehicle purchase said that their previous brand did not offer the type of vehicle that they wanted. Other key reasons contribute to their decision for switching as well, including vehicle cost (both cost of ownership and service), too many problems with the vehicle and lack of resale value.

“Many automotive brands are expanding their array of models in an attempt to capture more buyers, but this isn’t enough in and of itself,” said Raffi Festekjian, director of automotive product research at J.D. Power and Associates. “Manufacturers need to integrate specific attributes and features that delight vehicle owners to maximize their opportunity to both retain customers and conquest from other brands. Manufacturers also need to ensure owners are satisfied with the quality, residual values and ownership costs of their vehicles.”

Over the past few years, Honda has made great strides with their vehicles, especially when it comes to being green. Honda has a long history of environmental leadership, including the introduction of America’s first mass-produced hybrid, the Honda Insight, and the first vehicle to meet California’s Low-Emission Vehicle standards, well in advance of regulatory requirements.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Honda does a great job retaining women buyers. This is important because “women and younger vehicle owners are more likely to experience changes in their life circumstances, including growth in household size or changes in income levels, that would lead them to purchase vehicles that better accommodate their new lifestyle,” said Festekjian. As women become more of the decision maker in the household, they will most likely hold the key to customer retention success for Honda.

Shockley Honda in Frederick, MD  also serving Charlestown WV, Damascus, Mt Airy, Gaithersburg. Leesburg VA, Westminster, Martinsburg WV and Boonsboro.. We offer a great selection of new and used cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. We also provide service and parts for all Honda models. For more information, please visit Shockley Honda

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Shockley Honda to Auction off 1940’s Chevy Pick-Up Truck

It’s not often that you see a Chevrolet in the showroom at our dealership, but we just couldn’t help but show it off. This truck is a 1940 Chevy pick-up truck that was once owned by the Ralph Lauren Company and used in print ads, fashion shoots and other advertising for the Ralph Lauren Company. How did it end up in the Shockley Honda’s showroom you ask? Here’s the story.

This car was originally owned by the Ralph Lauren Company and was used primarily as a prop in print ads, fashion shoots for their clothing brand and in other advertising done by Ralph Lauren in the 1980’s. In 1988 it was sold to a collector out of Philadelphia who purchased the vehicle directly from Ralph Lauren for $16,000. In 2006, it was purchased on Ebay by James Baker for $15,000 with the intention of completely reconstructing and reconditioning the iconic Chevy Truck.

At the time of purchase the body and the interior of the truck were in poor shape and it was barely running. Baker took the truck to have it restored at Absolute Auto in Dickerson, Maryland. They restored the body to its current condition, added new brakes, a new radiator and a new starter. James was at the body shop one day and one of the employees working on the truck told him about a workshop that he was leading at Maryland School for the Deaf. James decided he did not really have any use for the truck anymore, and with the Holiday season coming up decided he wanted to donate the truck to Maryland School for the Deaf.

The Maryland School for the Deaf is a world class institution that gives deaf children the opportunity to complete their education as literate young adults. They go to Kindergarten through High School in the same institution and are helped based on their specific needs. Shockley Honda is a great supporter of MSD and Marisa Shockley of Shockley Honda is the President of the MSD Foundation. Because of the strong affiliation Shockley has with MSD, the car was given to Shockley Honda to auction off and raise money for the school.

Between December 19th and December 29th, the vehicle will be placed into Ebay auction starting at $16,000 and will go to the highest bidder. It is currently on display in the Shockley Honda showroom and will be there until sold.

Shockley Honda in Frederick, MD  also serving Charlestown WV, Damascus, Mt Airy, Gaithersburg. Leesburg VA, Westminster, Martinsburg WV and Boonsboro.. We offer a great selection of new and used cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. We also provide service and parts for all Honda models. For more information, please visit Shockley Honda

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